about us


“A friendly warning: CUBATIC will challenge you. This is college is supposed to be challenging. The workload here is substantial. Faculty will critique your work, and you might not always agree with their assessments. However, learning to incorporate such comments into the final work is part of the process of becoming a professional, and after you graduate you will come to recognize how important those critiques were.”
“I have a great pleasure in talking to the students. Also, it turns out that I am pretty good at solving problems. If my office door is open, and I’m not meeting with anyone else, you can come right in to talk to me, no appointment necessary. I think that is one of the things that makes our college special - there is nobody too important to take the time to help a student, and I include myself in that equation.”

what we do


CUBATIC College of Design educates students from diverse backgrounds and experiences to become working professionals who are thoughtful, engaged citizens. A skills-based curriculum blended with a strong liberal arts core allows students to focus on futures in the creative economy through the fields of design.


CUBATIC College of Design aspires to become the leader in its chosen field. Spurred by planned growth in programs and locations, the College will be recognized as a preeminent center of excellence for professional advancement and personal development. Strategic partnerships with industry, alumni, and the greater community will lead to new educational and career opportunities for students.


CUBATIC College of Design values:

  • Exemplary education that promotes professional and personal growth
  • Accomplished faculty who engage students in the learning process
  • Dynamic and creative students committed to academics, student life, and the community
  • Technology and facilities driven by an industry-focused curriculum
  • Student-centered staff who approach problem-solving and service collaboratively
  • An environment that fosters self-expression, embraces diversity and inspires mutual respect
  • Strong connections with local industry that lead to broad career opportunities for graduates
  • Ethical, efficient and effective business practices

The College & the City

Students who study at CUBATIC College of Design have it all at their doorstep. Situated near the seaside of Calicut, the College is surrounded by a blend of busy streets, independent businesses, restaurants, shops, apartment buildings, stately homes and of course the long stretch of scenic beauty – the beach!

Just a couple of kilometers away is the heart of Calicut City with all it has to offer. There is always something to do, with places to go and new things to learn. Students can hop on public transportation and quickly be at The Central Library, Mananchira Square, many award winning interiors and so on. Also, Calicut is an educational hub with premier institutions like IIT and IIM to add to its list, which gives the students an opportunity to mingle and compete with these students in many open competitions.

When students are ready to seek their internships and first jobs, Calicut is home to many design shops, eminent builders and a thriving retail community.


CUBATIC College of Design with a brief history of three years has made a significant impact in the field of Interior Design training. We started this training institute to fill the gap of professional training requirements for the students who are in search of and not able get the best thread to weave their dream to become a professional interior designer. Our founders are successful leading Interior Designers who believe in sharing their knowledge in the best possible way to create and groom a talent in this global competitive world.

In 2016, we are expanding our design mastery into the field of fashion design


Student Focus

Students come to CUBATIC College of Design from across the state. Many have just completed plus two; others seek new or expanded careers after considerable employment experience. What they all have in common is a keen desire to develop the creative skills they will need to apply their talents in their careers.

The College faculty, many of whom enjoy successful careers of their own in the fields to which the students aspire, bring years of experience to the classroom, meshing creative talents with practical skills.

The mission of Academic Wing of CUBATIC College is to prepare students to seek entry-level positions in creative design and to provide a learning environment in which they acquire the foundational skills and broad contextual understanding that could help them have meaningful, rewarding careers.

CUBATIC College of Design is student-centered, with an academic culture built on educational quality and hands-on work in interior design and fashion design. The challenging environment allows students to benefit from personalized attention from faculty and close working relationships with fellow students.

Student-centered also means that CUBATIC College of Design, beginning at the moment of application and through every step of the academic experience, works with the student and family to provide a supportive, user-friendly environment. Individualized academic and career counseling, in addition to internships, are available to guide the student’s personal, academic and professional growth.

CUBATIC College of Design celebrates diversity with students for over ten different districts including the Thirunanthapuram, the southernmost district of Kerala. The College is committed to providing educational and professional opportunities to people of all ages, religious beliefs and marital or parental status.